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Mikee Tring

1st time passer
Steven was highly recommended to me by a family member who passed on her first driving test - and although I wasn´t aiming to pass on the first test, I did (yay!) and I´m happy to say that the recommendation was on point! Having not been behind the wheel for so many years, I was very nervous and had really low confidence with my driving abilities. Steven not only helped me learn the necessary skills and manoeuvres, he also boosted my confidence to drive. He was very professional yet had a good balance of friendliness. He puts you at ease as soon as you open the car door! He is very attentive, patient and calm.

On the day of my driving test, he informed me that he would be sitting at the back of the car. This made me a little nervous and told him so - for a minute I feared that if he saw me fail that I might be more disappointed in myself because he has taught and prepared me so well! His reply was something that stuck with me, he said - "Don´t worry, you are ready and I´ll be at the back just willing you to pass." After hearing that, I began to calm down and went on to pass my test!

Thank you so much, Steven! Wish you all the best in everything that you do. Couldn´t have asked for a better and genuine instructor!

Mikee from High Barnet

(Passed on Automatic in 2 months)

Get driving with Steven Davies. A patient DVSA Approved Driving Instructor(A.D.I.) Good knowledge of all local test routes. Automatic cars. Specialist for pupils with learning difficulties.
Steven Davies @ 001 Driving Academy
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